Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's the bzzzz about Green Mountain Coffee!

Yummy coffee!

Hello All. So I've got an amazing product for you all!!! Green Mountain coffee has a new wellness collection. I received some samples and coupons from Bzzagent and was thrilled when I shared these with my group. The women in my group all were floored at the amazing taste and real effects they felt. This coffee gives you the boost you need when you are feeling a little down. Need more concentration for projects?? Try the focus blend. You will get so much more done with your day than you can imagine! I spend my day crafting and having a great time. It was amazing. Are you feeling a little under the weather?? Try the antioxidant blend and get that lift to get you out of bed!! I had been fighting a cold for four days straight and finally decided i should pop in a K cup of the wellness blend. It really gave me that little extra something to get me up and ready to attack the day full force!!! Try these amazing coffees! I know you will love them.

From A Happy bee. thanks bzzagent!

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